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10 Jan

Here is a guide to safe travel

For luggage security, ensure you choose a travel bag with enhanced security features apart from the ordinary zip. The bag should at least have a provision for locking with a padlock between the zips or have a lock combination which is known to you only. If it is hard for one to get such a bag then at a small fee one can get a luggage wrap at the airport if they are taking a flight. Find an inner pocket to keep your valuables like the passport, ID cards, ATM cards and keys securely. If not find a bag that can be worn around your waist like the money bag to ensure the safety of your valuables. Also be careful not to keep all your important documents in one place spread the risk of losing all of them at once by putting them in different pockets or bags.

For you own safety it is better to inform your family and or friends of your travel in advance. One can give them their itinerary so that they can always be in the know of one's whereabouts and what they are doing. One should also consider giving them the hotel's address and room telephone contact. This is also important since should anything happen to you then one can be easily traced from their last place in their itinerary. 

Before travelling it is also important to visit the government and travel websites of the place you intend to visit and stay. From these sites you will be able to get crucial information concerning things like health warnings, travel advisories, and even the political stability of the nation where you will be going. Such sites will also give you an idea of the weather and general things you may need to know about your destination.

In addition to that, if one is travelling abroad it is necessary that they get the contacts of the embassy and give them your contact details. This is very important since the embassy is the best point of contact should any emergencies occur.

For your health, one should ensure that they are properly vaccinated with the necessary vaccines. This may vary depending on one's destination.

When carrying money, avoid carrying cash in excessive amounts. it is better to take the amount that you need for transport and maybe snack. The rest can be withdrawn when you reach your destination. Safer ways to carry cash during travel include travel cheques, credit and debit cards.

Everyone wants to look good during their travel. For safety reasons avoid wearing expensive and flashy jewellery. It makes one an easy target for thieves. Just wear your jewelry in moderation

Another thing that makes you an easy target is having a very expensive phone. You can substitute such a phone with a cheap mobile phone or better still use calling cards. If one is travelling abroad they may also purchase the international calling cards. They are also cheap hence will save you on communication costs. As a backup for your phone have a small note book with all your emergency contacts. This contacts include contacts for close family members, friends your embassy, credit card company and even the local police. You may also add any other contact that you feel is necessary to have it.

Being in the know for foreign etiquette is also necessary. This may include the dress code, behaviors in public, greetings. All these may be found in a travel guide book for you to acquaint yourself with such. Overcoming language barriers may also be a challenge. If possible one can take language lessons which may be in form of a digital lesson.

Take a travel insurance you just never know when you will need it. The travel insurance will compensate you in case you lose your valuables.

Travelling tips are important since they will help you in deciding what needs to be done before leaving your home.

Scan your travel documents like passports, ticket and other essential card and store them in your email. This makes them easily accessible from anywhere so long as you have access to your email.

Avoid carrying valuables in one place. You can split them and store them differently in your bag. This is important since you will not lose all your documents at once should you get robbed.

For easy security clearance avoid carrying liquids. Instead of tooth paste carry toothpaste powder and bar soap instead of bathing gel. Purchase small amounts of these cleaning effects.

Remember to carry a flashlight since power outages may be inevitable at your destination. Remember to turn the batteries when you are travelling and turn them once you reach your destination.

For easy packing, shoes and worn socks and clothes can be kept in a plastic bag to keep your luggage free from odors especially when travelling back from your vacation.

When taking long, flights keep medications and your important things in the overhead baggage. You can also bring clean clothes in case you may need to change.

Last but not least, secure your home properly before leaving. You do not want to come back and find your home broken into. Ensure all the doors and windows are properly locked and the alarm is on. You can also tell your trusted neighbors to look out for anything unusual while you are away. Avoid posting on social media of your whereabouts since the thieves will know you are away and can break into your house. You can only share the photos when you get back

With these simple travel tips and travel guide you can enjoy your travel and vacation wherever you will be.

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