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01 Jan

Before Travelling

Traveling to any place in the world requires having a passport. If you don't have a passport you can't go anywhere. It is something everyone knows. Even a child who is only 3 months has to have a passport in order to travel. People who live in the USA can go any country that requires Schengen visa. While people from other countries must apply for getting the visa to travel to the country they want.

Before going to a foreign country, you should get special vaccines and medications you may need during your journey. It is better to have your medications near you because it is not so easy to find the medication you want in another country. Maybe there are different medications used in counties. You can never know. Make sure you take with you all the medicines that may not be found easily.

Before traveling let your credit card providers know where you will be. Sometimes when you do shopping in another country with your credit card the bank may think that it's not you. Learn about the exchange rate in order to know a number of your finances.

While traveling, you may encounter different problems. You must be ready for them. For example, you may lose your passport. That's why it is important to keep the copies of your documents with you, which is more important not in the same place. Also, copy other documents too, such as hotel reservation, ticket confirmation and other travel documents.

One of an essential thing to do before traveling to another country is too learn basic phrases of the language. You should learn how to say a: Hello, By, thank you' or a What is the way to. .'and other phrases which can be used. Sometimes it can be important for health or for your life to know how to say something so it is better to learn how to ask for something or ask for help. Of course, you can take a dictionary with you or have an online dictionary in your home, which also can help you.

The last but not the least thing is having travel insurance policy. It is a must. You should have an international health insurance policy. If something happens to you while you are abroad, the travel insurance will cover all the expenses. You can never know what can happen while you are far away from your home. These are the main things you should do before traveling to any foreign country.

Purposes of Travelling

We haven't even realized when traveling became the important part of our life. Of course, there are different types of traveling. Some people travel for pleasure, some of the business and some for sports competitions and so on.

People who travel for pleasure are the happiest ones. They can plan their journey as they want. They have enough time to see the city fully, go to the picturesque places and, of course, relax.

While the ones who travel on business don't have enough time to enjoy their journal. They often go to another country for 3-7 days. They often go to different conferences or do their main job there, so they often are in the building and can't go anywhere they want.

Travelers who go to another country to take part in different competitions are even less lucky than businessmen. They get ready all the time and don't even do anything else before the competition. If they have another day after it they can go out but it's mostly not like that.

Means of Travelling

Technologies have developed in such a way that you can now travel to the place by what you want. There are a lot of means of traveling. You can travel by sea, by rail, by air or by road. Means of transport are also different: plane, train, ship, car and so on.

Each person chooses the means of traveling he likes more. Each of these means has its advantages and disadvantages. If you prefer to see all picturesque places on the way to your destination you should choose traveling by car. You don't have to reserve any tickets or wait hours to get on the plane. You can take as many clothes as you want because there is not any limit. You can stop wherever you want and spend as much time as you want.

But if you want to get to the place fast and without any difficulty you should choose traveling by plane. Traveling by air is a mix of convenience and speed. While you are on the plane, the stewardess takes care of you and tries to do everything to make you feel comfortable. You can even take a nap being in the air. When the plane is landing, you can see the city being thousands of kilometers above it. It is wonderful scenery, don't miss it.

Traveling by plane is also convenient, but it is much slower. Modern trains are very comfortable and have all the necessary things one needs.

Travelling by sea is also funny, if you aren’t seasick, of course.

What does traveling give you?

Travelling gives us a unique chance to see and learn different kinds of thing we can never see or learn at home. Travelling to another country gives us the opportunity to see wonderful monuments, get acquainted with the different culture, to learn about the world around us, to meet different people to learn about their customs and traditions. In other words, travelling broadens a person's mind. Of course, we can do all of these things being at home. We can get acquainted with other people on Internet, see wonderful museums and monuments on TV or learn about new things. But I think the best way to do all these things is to travel by your own. The best way to know other people is to meet them in person.

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