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Perhaps you need to start looking at some new wholesale designer bags or buy suitcases online and shop around for the best spinning wheel luggage on the market. Whatever your choices are, and there are plenty, so you need to keep some things in mind.

Luggage for some people is an extension of their fashion style. However, sometimes fashion is not always sensible when traveling. A carry-on bag, especially for long voyages needs to be durable, so many people are always pulling and pushing and re-arranging bags in the overhead compartment. If your carry-on is not durable enough it will get squashed and misshapen, contents may even be damaged. There is nothing worse than opening your bag to retrieve your tablet when some forgotten liquid squirts all foyer you and the stranger sitting next to you.

There are so many different choices when it comes to suitcases when you are shopping around you may even decide to purchase more than one. The more economical nylon ones really do manage to hold a substantial amount of contents. The hard cases however really are ideal for extensive travel as they are more durable and last much longer, though sometimes not being able to hold as many contents as the nylon ones. Women may have a difficult time deciding if their carry-on will perform the dual function of both handbag and carry-on or if they should have two separate bags so far. It is not an easy decision as handbags perform part of a women's daily routine.

The other choice women need to make is safety and security, depending on where you are traveling to. These days no matter where you are, you do need to be aware of the safety of your handbag. Perhaps for traveling or holidaying purposes, and peace of mind, it would be better to opt for a bag that has more safety and security options.

When traveling consider your laptop bag's, handbags and carry-ons. It is advisable to combine at least one of these bags into another or all three bags into one bag.

Children give another whole new dimension to traveling, packing and luggage requirements you have been that single carefree globe trotter and now suddenly have children, you will find that as with everything else in life, traveling just became a whole lot different and fun!

If you have a baby you will probably find the baby needs 3 times more luggage, bag and suitcase requirements than you did, as a lone cheerful adventurer when you were trotting around the globe for your gap year.

There is the instant emergency nappy bag. Then you need the, not so instant, in the case of emergency, fever, cough, earache, runny tummy, colic bag Do not forget the, in the case of emergency, extra clothing, and nappy bag. You haven’t yet thought of toys or books for entertainment.

That was just for the flight! Now you need to pack baby's luggage for the actual holiday Do not forget the pram and the camping cot, not every country has them for rental. Or you could just “rough it” as some parents do and make a makeshift bed of continental pillows on the carpet of the hotel room- It will save you some heavy duty lifting when it comes to carrying all that luggage.

Toddlers are a bit easier and there is a slight degree of change in their packing requirements when going on holiday. Maybe you will have one less bag to carry so far. A very sensible choice for toddlers is to purchase their own little bag on wheels which they can cart around behind them. You may not be able to pack many belongings in them but it does make quite a difference when you do not have to find an arm or a leg to hook another little bag onto.

The older your children get the easier traveling does. Luggage becomes less and they can carry their own, probably even pack their own as well. However, it would be better to err on the side of caution and check what they have packed before embarking on a journey through foreign lands. You do not want to be sidelined for having potentially dangerous substances or items in your luggage, that sandwich your child thought would be good for a snack is considered to be a potentially biohazardous threat in some countries.

The wonderful thing about this generation of children is that most of their entertainment is electronic and takes up very little space. They carry a phone in their pocket and they do not need much else after that. Unless of course, you are going off the grid, then you may need to find that extra suitcase or bag for all the books and board games.

The final thing to consider about luggage, bags, carry-on's and suitcases is wheels. How many wheels, if any, should be on your luggage?

Carry-all canvas bags with wheels are wonderful, especially if you are trekking through the jungle, however, they are not that convenient in high traffic areas as they do not stand upright and people could catch a tumble, over the handle lying on the floor.

Suitcases with 2 wheels work well although sometimes in airports or busy areas they have a tendency to fall over, hopefully not on someone's hot cup of coffee so far.

4 wheels are still the best option, they are usually attached to a solid case suitcase, they stand upright at all times and are the easiest to maneuver you pull the handle out to its full extent you can also hook your laptop bag or handbag over it, it serves 2 purposes then and gives you some reprieve from the heavy tiresome carting about of luggage.

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